mCoDev Systems Network


mCoDev Systems or mCoDev Network, is a collection of cloud services and infrastructure. As a local business in Antwerp Belgium, mCoDev Systems offers support and consultancy for IT information Systems and computer networking to other businesses and individuals in the area.

As a service provider on the internet, we provide services like websites, forums, blogs, game servers and even Social Networking.

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We value our client’s privacy and provide you with a safe environment and ad-free experience on our Social Networks.

Our Services

Here’s a list of public services that we host under the MCN Network


We host multiple websites for several clients. Our websites run on Linux infrastructure and are backed up daily.


We can provide database infrastructure if you need it for your website. We run a dedicated MySQL Server on the backend that is not directly accessible from the internet.


We can provide users with a PHPBB forum systems.

IT Consulting Consumer

For locals in Antwerp City, we offer consulting services whenever you have a problem with your computer or network.

Software Development

Part of our core business is software development and engineering.


We host gaming services, and producers of online content such as video’s and imagery.